Joshua Reid


Joshua Reid
Born and raised in Washington State, Dr. Joshua L Reid (registered member of the Snohomish Indian Nation) is an associate professor of American Indian Studies and the John Calhoun Smith Memorial Endowed Associate Professor of History at the University of Washington. He holds degrees from Yale University and the University of California, Davis, and is a three-time Ford Foundation Fellow. His publications include the award-winning "The Sea Is My Country: The Maritime World of the Makahs" (Yale 2015) and "Violence and Indigenous Communities: Confronting the Past and Engaging the Present" (Northwestern, 2021), which he co-edited with Jeff Ostler and Susan Sleeper-Smith. He currently directs the UW’s Center for the Study of the Pacific Northwest, edits two book series, and serves on the Board of Editors of the American Historical Review. Reid currently researches Indigenous explorers in the Pacific, from the late eighteenth century to the end of the nineteenth century.
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University of Washington