Creating a digital map with multiple points


Pin the following locations within the Salish Sea on a google map. For step-by-step instructions on how to do this, see HOW TO CREATE A MAP WITH MULTIPLE POINTS.

For places you have personally been to, choose ORANGE as the color of the "marker" or "pin". For places, you have yet to go, choose GREEN. 

  • Bowen Island
  • Campbell River
  • Cherry Point
  • Comox
  • Duncan
  • English Camp
  • Galiano Island
  • Guemes Island 
  • Lummi Island
  • Mt Constitution
  • Mt Garibaldi
  • Nanaimo
  • Northwest Indian College
  • Olympia
  • Peace Arch
  • Port Angeles
  • Puget Sound
  • Salt Spring Island
  • Seattle
  • Sechelt
  • Strait of Georgia
  • Strait of Juan de Fuca
  • Tacoma
  • Useless Bay
  • Vashon Island
  • Victoria
  • Waldron Island
  • Whatcom Community College
  • Western Washington University

2. Choose one of the locations to look up and do a little research about (*this should be a location that you have not been to or a GREEN pin on your map). Tell us which location you chose, and share 3 facts about it.

3. Choose a location within the Salish Sea that you feel a connection to (this may be a spot that you already have located on the map, or it may be somewhere that has not been yet identified - either is ok). Color code that "marker" to be RED. Write a brief story about why you feel connected to this particular place.

4. Post to the discussion board. Include a link to your map, three facts about a place you have not been, and your short story about the place you are connected to.

5. Explore your classmate's maps and read through each other's responses. Make a minimum of two additional posts on the discussion board (by Sunday at midnight). 

Some things you might consider as you're exploring each other's maps, and making comments: 

  • Do you notice any interesting patterns? 
  • How much of this information is new? 
  • What new places are you excited about visiting?
  • What places do you want to learn more about? 


Creating a digital map with multiple points
Pin locations on a Google Map and share your research about the sites.
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