The Salish Sea Curriculum Repository includes place-based teaching materials developed by faculty at Whatcom Community College (WCC) and Western Washington University (WWU). From 2020 through 2022, WCC faculty from a broad range of disciplines are designing curriculum that integrates the Salish Sea context into their own classes. This work is funded by a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities titled "Situating Ourselves in the Salish Sea: Using Experiential Learning and Storytelling to Inspire Critical Thinking about Place."

This curriculum repository makes available open educational resources (OER) for use in developing and teaching lessons and courses about the Salish Sea. Faculty are invited to submit teaching materials to the repository. As OER, assignments and activities made available through this repository can be licensed such that others can use, adapt, or redistribute them, with attribution to the creators.

How this repository is used


Faculty who teach SALI 201 and 202 use the repository to share the best of their teaching materials from past offerings of the course. Others may add materials. For example, the repository includes activities developed by participants in the Salish Sea Studies Faculty Education Workshop at Whatcom Community College.


Faculty at Whatcom, Western, and other area institutions who want to incorporate place-based learning use the repository to find activities and assignments.


Other institutions who offer or want to develop place-based learning programs use the repository to learn about pedagogies and collaboration of the Salish Sea studies programs at Whatcom and Western.